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Herbology- Care 1- Caring of pregnant woman

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Every time we unit for herbal talks, we talk about some basic yet essential understanding that one must-have in their life. Today we will learn about the right methodology to take care of a pregnant woman or a mother. Talking about the efforts we made toward this cause, DXN has worked to form natal care and home care centers for pregnant women. What we learned from our work is that there are three concerns with pregnant women's care. The first one is to take care of the child in the womb, the next is to take care of the mother's body, and the most sensitive aspect is nourishing the emotional state of the pregnant women. We observed that due to some uncommon reason, pregnant women garner toxins in their bodies. If these toxins are not discharged or prevented from entering the fetus, it will seriously hinder the health and development of the brain of the child.

We have two testimonies, one in Thailand and the other one in Hong Kong. Here, we are observing two women who are taking RG GL regularly during pregnancy. RG stands for Reishi Gano, and GL means Ganoderma lucidum. DXN is studying RG GL to explore its benefits for treating pregnant women. The reason why we choose these two women is that both their firstborn was retarded. We found that the color of their Amniotic fluid or fetal fluid during their pregnancy was black. These fluids leaked into the fetus causing brain damage to their firstborn. We made them take the RG GL medication during their pregnancy period with the second child. Not only did it prevent the toxin formation, but it also enhanced the physical and mental health of the newborn. Both were medicated with 6 RG and 6 GL daily during pregnancy. There is also a testimony of a woman who had a skin problem during pregnancy. She started taking DXN pearl powder regularly. Due to the goodness of herbs, she retained smooth skin. Not only did it change her skin, but it also helped in nourishing the baby in the womb. The mother's physical and mental state directly affects the child's health. We observed that the newborns who got treated with herbs while in the womb could speak and understand their parent's language much before the expected age. Giving pearl powder during pregnancy is beneficial for both the skin and bone of the mother and child. Even in India, it is a common practice to take Spirulina during pregnancy to prevent anemia. Even today, almost 60% of women suffer from the lack of blood at least once during their pregnancy period.

In today's generation, stretch marks and the body's shape after pregnancy is a matter of concern for many women. We suggest taking RG GL together with Spirulina regularly and applying Gano massage oil to massage softly on the abdomen area to prevent post-pregnancy health issues. And if we talk about regaining the pre-pregnancy body structure, there is nothing different you have to do. Make sure you apply Gano massage oil daily to reduce stretch marks and use RG GL and pearl powder to maintain the original body structure.

Now let's learn about the most sensitive issue for pregnant women, their emotional state. Due to the pressing of internal organs during pregnancy by the developing fetus, women feel discomfort and irregular shifts in mood due to uncontrolled hormone release. In some cases, we observed that this imbalance in emotions forces the brain to drift into depression. The herbal solution for this is DXN Morinzhi. I suggest taking these herbs post-pregnancy as well. I came across some cases where the mother gets so agitated with this process that she feels no affection for her newborn and throws herself into a perpetual ride of internal violence and anger.

It is essential to understand that no matter how well we drench the leaves with water, it's the roots that absorb it. And if the root is not healthy, the leaves will fall.

If you like my work, feel free to support me by donating to SIF to upgrade the social-economic and socially disadvantaged group of people. Or donate to the 'one dollar to one child' program to fight malnutrition for the poor children. We will learn more about postnatal care, child care, and postnatal care of mother in the future blogs.

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