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Updated: Jan 28, 2021

I have spoken about how our competitors in the Philippines have failed to compete with DXN on two previous occasions. First, they offered a free membership, and that confused the market, and it collapsed. The second time, they relocated their office to a floor above our office to attract the members of DXN. This backfired, and in turn, their members flocked towards DXN, and they collapsed yet again. Finally, they came back for the third time, and this time, they targeted few key members of our staff. They spread rumors that our key staff moved to them because we were facing problems and would collapse soon.

During that time, I never over promoted our brand. However, they tried to tarnish my character by saying that I am a crooked businessman who runs this company by stealing technology from them. They said that we have no farm and factory when in reality, it was them who didn’t. They claimed that we emulated their company when it was actually the other way around.

Yet to my bewilderment, many of our members opted to believe them and started to question our brand and company. The members started questioning if we had the appropriate technology to cultivate Ganoderma. They also started doubting the quality of our products. I was baffled because our members were skeptical of us even after visiting our farms and factories. Soon, I found out the answer to why they were questioning us.

Our competitors promoted themselves as a Hollywood company, employing well-known celebrities as their spokespersons. This attracted our members and customers. DXN is known for its simplicity. Our motto is Simple, Elegance and Majestic. We make things simple but in an elegant way. The results we obtain are always majestic.

The marketing scheme of our competitor is very complex and convoluted. They use sinister rumors to destroy other companies. Yet, many members were blinded by their colorful show. They thought of us as a company that lacked glamour and looked down upon us. I tried educating our members that companies like our competitors do not want or aim for sustainability. They only look for a quick way to earn money and eventually collapse. It is hard to believe what they promote because they even brought their own members to our factory and branded it as theirs!

The only way to make sure is by looking at the certification. The farm for DXN has ISO 14001. We also have organic certificates issued by Malaysian authorities and European. Our competitors had none of this. To top that, they claimed to have the largest Ganoderma factory in the world, when it actually their factory was way smaller than ours.

Coming to our factories, we have HACCP, ISO 2001, and ISO 17025 for the labs, and also a Halal certificate to prove that there are no animal parts and that we ensure clean processing. Instead of benefiting from our leaders who jumped ship to their company, they only faced more trouble, and eventually, they collapsed for the third time in the Philippines. They also collapsed in Indonesia, Thailand, North and South America, Europe, and even Africa. Over the years, I have educated the market to do something sustainable. To work hard for a few years and to reap the benefits later for the rest of our lives.

Our competitors did the exact opposite. They performed a hit and ran at the market, leaving many members feeling like they had been cheated. It is not that I want to smear the name of the competitors. But we need to educate the market to invest in something sustainable.

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