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Updated: Jan 28, 2021

After we successfully solved Macik’s knee problem, our cut down in prices came in clutch as members flocked towards DXN, mostly Malays in particular. At one instance, I was asked by a member if I could visit Bukit Mertajam. It is a commercialized city in the state of Penang. He told me he could assemble around thirty people if I could make that trip.

At that time, thirty people seemed like a huge crowd because our meetings were usually attended by close to a dozen members. The members were not employed full time, and they had other jobs to attend to during the day. Our meetings were only held in the evening or beyond that. The meeting took place at a Muslim community hall, which is regularly used for prayer meetings. After the evening prayer, people convened at the center, and just as he had promised, there were more than thirty people who were present there.

Just before the meeting commenced, a storm broke out, and there was chaos. The roof of the community hall was not strong enough to withstand the winds, and it dismantled and started flapping around. Strong winds aside, there was the rain that we had to deal with as well. It produced petrifying noises as it made contact with the roof. We were cautious but also saddened by the fact that the weather turned out to be disastrous. The member who put in the effort to organize this meeting was sorrowful and downhearted. Eventually, the rain subsided, and we went ahead with our speech.

It was pretty late into the night, and I had to cut short my speech to finish it fast. One person pointed out that the stormy weather was a sign that we should not start a business in that place. A bad omen, of the sort. Other people were present only to drive away members from our company. They were representing competitive MLM companies and were eager to make us go down the drain. I joked to the audience that we, the Chinese people, consider water to be as precious as wealth and that this rain was like God showering us with immense money. The crowd burst into laughter. I also told them that the flapping sounds produced by the roof were like the flapping of the eagle's wings.

To me, DXN was the eagle, and we were ready to soar high and achieve greatness. Towards the end of that meeting, all of them decided to join DXN. Even the person who spoke about the bad omen was also convinced of joining us. They were impressed with how we conducted our meeting and said that they had not experienced something like this before.

A bus full of people visited our farm and factory after the meeting. Most of them have sold Ganoderma for a large part of their lives; however, this was the first time they visited a Ganoderma farm. Though our factory was small at that time, we were capable of demonstrating the entire process of cultivating and manufacturing Ganoderma products. Ever since, we have groups of people visiting our factories and enjoying the entire process. This article aims to tell you that you should never bow down to any crisis. Having a positive outlook at the toughest moments is what makes us strong individuals.

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