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Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Welcome to another blog of coffee talk, where I tell you about the story of DXN. If you have been following my previous blogs, you would remember that I mentioned dropping DXN due to lack of sales and lack of money. But a friend of mine stopped me from doing so. After that, I resigned from my full-time job at MADA and became a wanderer, conducting and attending different meetings; I could barely spend even 3 days in a city.

For the past twenty years, I have been on the move. I settled at a place just now due to the covid-19 outbreak. Many media personal and newspapers like to interview me. They keep asking me about my strategies for growing and expanding DXN internationally. They ask me how I do business globally from the small town of Alor Setar. I believe that the answer to this question has nothing to do with intelligence or IQ; it is more about survival. My initial efforts for the DXN were all about making it survive. Because I know that in MLM, surviving is winning. If you can survive long enough, you will definitely win. There was a time when I would travel by bus and stay at cheap hotels.

Once I was in Kuantan, the east coast of Malaysia. I checked into a normal hotel; the person at the counter said that I could not check-in until 3 p.m. But if I still wanted to continue with the check-in, I would have to pay 50% extra for the booking. I was dead tired, and I need to rest before my meeting in the afternoon, so I paid the extra price. During my stay at that hotel, I noticed that they could come up with any new stupid rule to make extra bucks. I did not enjoy my stay there, but I have to admit that I respected their survival sense. At that time, DXN was too small a company to impress anyone. Everywhere I went, people would question me about the stability and guarantee of the DXN, that shortly, it will not fall to bankruptcy. That the products are safe to take and are actually effective for health. They would literally bombard me with all sorts of funny questions. Over a period of time, I realized that you should never answer an illogical question. Because there is no logical answer for an ill logical question, and giving illogical answers will make you an illogical person. The worst thing about these questions is that if you answered their first 'if,' they will pin you down with 10 other 'ifs.'

So I came up with this trick of asking the illogical question, as a response to their illogical question, so that they would have to come up with some illogical answer, which I would return to them. There was this one time when an MLM eagle organized a huge meeting for me in Johor Bahru, a big city at Singapore's borders. He promised me that I would walk away with hundred new attendees by the end of this meeting. I was super excited about that meeting. When I went there, I immediately felt that something is not ok with this meeting. They were all laughing, laughing without me cracking even a single joke! It so happened that they were laughing at my ideologies of 'one world one market' and my research of flying chicken. They came only to have fun; they were curious about how a company as small as the DXN could even think about something as big as 'one world one market.' I realized that there is no presentation scope in this meeting, so I invited them directly to the Q&A session. That was the moment when I saw the expression of surprise and awe in the faces of those people. They were surprised that how one could even dare to ask questions in a moment like this when everyone is making fun of him. One by one, so many people raised their hands, and I answered only those questions which were worth answering.

There was this one young MLM eagle who asked me a very spicy question. As an MLM person, he asked me to put all my time and resources into the company, which I am undertaking to make sure that the company yields enough output to bring me profits. To that end, I have to make sure that the company I am undertaking is big, stable, and good enough to serve my conditions. But when I look at DXN, I see a tiny company with minimal resources, minimal staff, and minimal products situated at a place where no person would be willing to go. The only thing that this company serves big is its dreams and ideologies, but unfortunately, a company doesn't fetch profits based on its dreams or goals, but its work. And the scope of work, from what I see, is very less in DXN. So why should I invest in DXN?

I found his question so illogical that I decided to utilize my trick to evade such questions. I asked him: Son, are you married? He answered: No! Then I asked him: Suppose you ask your girlfriend to marry you, and then if she asks you a question about her future, what would you say? The whole mob burst into laughter, and this young man was immediately embarrassed. He did not know how to answer. So I told him that I am a married man and I will tell him how to answer this question. I told him, if you want to know about our future, look into my past. When you look deep enough, you will realize that I have no bad habits, and I am not a man who will leave for. Then I told him to look at DXN; I informed him that we do not waste funds on unnecessary ventures, we have our own technology, our own farms, and factories, and do not owe anyone even a single penny. Neither do we allow anyone to owe us anything. The whole mob had a very different approach towards my answer this time; rather than laughing, they clapped at my response.

The whole point of conducting this meeting was to embarrass and make fun of DXN, but it turns out, it was the most successful meeting of DXN history by far. Many people from that mob joined the DXN. From that day onwards, DXN soared sky-high. I always say 'failure is the mother of success.' That day, DXN transformed from a sick cat into a tiger. From today's story, you learn two important lessons. The first lesson is, 'surviving is winning' and the second lesson is ' never answer a funny question directly.' Keep these two lessons in mind and prosper in your life. We will meet in the next blog with a whole new story and other important lessons. Until then, keep exploring!

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