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Updated: Jan 28, 2021

There is a duty-free zone that exists between Malaysia and Thailand. Here, you can shop, play golf and enjoy other recreational activities without the need to get your passport stamped.

I met the ex-partners in this zone since I did not want to indulge in any business in Thailand. After I met them, they started talking about the problems that they faced from few local competitors. They had allied with a company, and they held 49% of shares each. A Thai market motivator owned the remaining 2%. This company they had allied with was an imitator of DXN. However, their products were degenerating, and they did not have nearly the same quality as our company.

Before this, when they had met them in their office, there were many DXN products available there. They claimed to be our suppliers. Initially, our ex-partner fell for the rumors, but later they started getting skeptical as there were tons of empty DXN bottles that were being discarded. Later they realized that our imitators were actually buying DXN products and emptying them into their own canisters. To stop this, they were not even fluent in English. The imitator’s wife was fluent in Thai, but she was not well equipped in Ganotherapy. They hired a Thai trainer, who was trained by me! So inherently, they were using our methods in almost every way possible. When asked to visit their factory, the imitators were cunning enough to bring them to our very own factory!

They photoshopped their company name and logo and removed ours! They took it a step further and tried bullying our ex-partner to get more shares of the company. They claimed to have 51% when compared to the other 49%. I bawled into laughter and asked them why they thought it was okay to let go of DXN and join hands with a smaller company feeding off our fame and profit. Our ex-partner said that their claims of being our suppliers deceived them. I told them that many MLM companies in the market were not genuine and that it would be tough to have faith in them. They tend to paint a pretty picture on the outside, but things are not the same when you dive deep and dwell in their business.

Our imitators tried taking over their company in a gradual process. First, they claimed to be the majority shareholder. After that, they tried to transfer all the financial and digital data to their name. After all this, our ex-partner was keen on joining us again, but I turned down his request. My brother, Boon Yee, informed me that there were several imitators of our company and if we didn’t take our ex-partner back, they would join forces with these companies. Nevertheless, that thought didn’t instill fear in me, and I decided not to take them back.

After my rejection, they started requesting my brother to take them back. However, they were persistent and sent a spokesperson on their behalf. They were ready to comply with all our terms and conditions as they were desperate to join hands with us again. We incorporate an either-or policy where the company is either completely owned or completely owned by an external agency. This helps to implement our One World One Market policy. I put a lot of thought into it and accepted them back as stockists. Presently, Thailand is a major market for our company. In fact, we have more members who hail from Thailand than Malaysia.

In Sunya, we teach that love and compassion must be unconditional. However, peace is conditional as it requires effort from both ends. No matter how imperfect the world is, we always conquer it and find our way to success.

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