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Updated: Jan 29, 2021

When it comes to advanced teaching, two areas are essential:

i) The advanced education in Ganotherapy and

ii) The advanced education in Sunya

Ganotherapy is associated with taking care of your body, whereas Sunya is associated with taking care of your mind. Ganotherapy is not an application of Ganoderma; it analyzes the body system, herbs, various treatment methods like using the herbal formula, acupuncture, hexageneous reflexology for massages and diagnosis, and general knowledge about health and a lot more. On the formal side, we will teach the herbal theory based on the classic text, Shang Han Lun.

Other than the herbal theory, we need to study the herbs themselves and how we formulate them. By now, you should know that the advanced teaching of Ganotherapy is a vast subject. It is an enormous project that may span many years. My way of teaching is way different from the conventional method. I find that studying medicine for a few years and then practicing it as an apprentice for a few more years is the worst strategy to approach this. This does not go along with the Sunya philosophy.

According to the Sunya philosophy, we follow the action first, adopt a strategy after that and leave the goal-setting towards the end. You start practicing Ganotherapy from the very first day that you learn it. By practicing further, you will discover a deeper aspect of Ganotherapy. This makes you a good herbalist. In Sunya, we know about the body, observe and control our breathing, and control our mind.

Sunya is divided into three categories. The full name is Samatha Vipasyana. Samatha means to focus the mind, and Vipasyana means to observe and control the mind. In short, we call it SV. The first level is the basic SV or the BSV. It focuses on sit up and meditation. It is the union of the mind and the body. Then comes the maha SV or the MSV, which focuses on how we interact with the environment. You may face many setbacks and failures when you interact with the environment, and to gain prosperity to live a good life, this needs to be examined, and we need to prepare our mind for it. Finally, we have to study supreme consciousness, followed by the higher theories of yoga. We divide yoga's teachings into 17 levels, from the very basic up to supreme enlightenment.

The teaching of supreme consciousness is not easy. Xuan Zang risked his life to travel from China to India to master the teachings of supreme consciousness. There are no textbooks for Ganotherapy and Sunya. Both these subjects are passed on through many years of experience in healthcare and mental training. Though filming lecture videos is a time-consuming process, I do not mind it at all. The donation of knowledge is the best donation we can give to humanity, and we always feel good about it. A more practical way to approach this is to study the training material that I provide and then watch them, explaining the essential points and topics. You may have to come to our forum frequently because, in the future, my videos may not be in a weekly series but in a continuous pattern, which may be daily or may take a few days to continue.

My dream and fantasy settle down and retire in my village one day, relieved of my duties. To live a life where I am free to roam around in the wild and collect herbs, dry them, powder them with a “boat” grinder, and make honey and water globules for those who need it. This will also give me more time to write books and prepare lectures for Ganotherapy and Sunya. However, such a life is impossible if I aim to steer DXN among the top companies. It is not in terms of money for myself, but to make DXN sustainable and provide a long and promising career for its members. Relieving myself of all duties and settling down in the village is also against the concept of MSV, where we have to engage with society and not hide in isolation. So, if we want a village lifestyle where we plant herbs and trees around us, we create it ourselves not only for myself but for all of us. If we're going to make a mega farm, we can live like farmers for a while. We can also make tiny technological inventions for the “ONE FAMILY ONE SKILL” program to make food and other products like vegan cheese, numerous rice varieties, millets, grains, etc.

We perform our duties so that we can enjoy financial freedom. We can stay in our beachfront resort, visit the marine park and horse ranch, collect herbs and make globules to help the poor and not only for our own marketing needs. So, in the future, we will mix learning, marketing, and leisure. This makes our lives more prosperous and more meaningful. I hope you are excited to start this new journey!

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