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In the previous coffee talk, I tried to explain that you should not wait until you react, you must throw yourself into action as soon as possible because tomorrow shall not wait! Once you miss the initial chance you miss everything. Through this initiative, I aim to teach you the important principles that I am following, how to overcome problems, and most importantly, how to adjust your mind to cope with rejection and failure. DXN is a company that works on the principle of simplicity. You may ask, does simplicity always work? The answer is very simple, yes! If something is simple, you can understand it well, if you understand it well, you can carry out the task without mistake, and even if mistakes do happen, since by nature it is simple you can correct it easily. Now look at the initial setup of DXN, we had only one product, one staff, one table, and one computer. This is what I call bare-bone simplicity, simple to the very core of it. Because it is simple, I am able to sustain for a long time during the period of a little or no sale. Being simple makes survival easy, and sometimes surviving is winning.

There are few simple things that you should practice and learn to lead a successful life. The first one is to practice give and sacrifice. For the second, you should practice discipline and do no harm. Mind and body cannot be separated, so, in order to keep your mind disciplined, you must keep your body in the discipline. Aiming at possessing a disciplined mind with a loose body, is like trying to hunt for a fish on top of the tree. Learn to endure the difficulty and failures that you face. The world is not fair, it always responds in an unexpected way. Be a continuous Shooter, you might miss 99 times, but you will hit it at least 1 time, and hitting it once is good enough to live a life you aspire. When hardship hits you, do not barge into some corner and cry like a little child, instead, roll up your sleeves, endure your hardships and perform your duty. Always be aware of what is happening around you, if you find something good, respond to it, if you find something negative, walk away from it.

While I was doing my engineering at IIT Kharagpur, my professor once told me that a person like me can not withstand the job of an engineer. He told me that in this line everything is fixed, you don't have to perform anything out of the box. He said a free thinker like me can not survive this drill. And he was right, within just three months into the job I decided to resign. But I could not, because at that time my father collapsed in his business. I was the only bread earner in my family. I needed the money to survive. And so I endured it, 3 month's to one year, from one year to three years, and from 3 years to 10 years. But those 10 years in MADA were not a total waste of time. It trained me to have the iron will. In the early days of DXN, many unexpected problems sprung up. Due to my endurance that I cultivated during my time in MADA, I got through all such phases and finally made DXN a successful company. So the first lesson in financial management is to spend less than what you make. Start small and simple, always follow the law of cause and effect. To be successful in your life is the effect, and the efforts that you put in towards making your dream a reality is the cause. The greater the cause, the greater will be the effect.

It is never simple to be simple, it takes a lot of mental discipline to stand firm and stick to your belief. DXN was a simple company with higher goals. Whenever I said " one world one market", people would laugh at my face and tell me that I have gone crazy. A company as basic as this can barely spread its wings outside the native town, forget about the world. People may not accept it the way you expected things to be. You just have to stick to your thoughts and endure the discouragement. I have seen many people who only plan for the successful climax, but have no clue of what to do when things go wrong, they lack the contingency plan and the majority of them fail.

Learn to act as soon as possible, the minimum requirement is satisfied, go ahead! Do not waste time waiting to get fully equipped for that moment may never come. If I wouldn't have started DXN in 1992, it would not exist now. Let me tell you why. In 1993 the government decided to regulate all the MLM licenses making it necessary for each company to have an MLM license to operate. All new companies were forbidden to operate before they obtain the license. Luckily by then, DXN has started, and so I could continue to operate without any objections. So, exerting effort and taking the first step is crucial for your success.

In 1993, the government slapped new laws on the health food industries. The laws said that healthy food must be produced in GMP factories. Those who were already selling the health food would get a temporary license, and 2 years grace period to establish the GMP factory. Actually, it is very costly to establish a GMP factory. In the year 1995 DXN was creating revenue of 1 million ringgit per month. So we could easily self-finance this upgrade. Didn't I start in 1993, I would not have the fund to build the GMP in 1995. The DXN would not exist for a long time to come. So you see, the startup in 1992 was very crucial for the development of DXN. Many people think that tomorrow can wait, we will start when we have some sponsors. They always delay and wait, and by the time they get what they wanted, the opportunity would have already left. In life, every day counts, and if you can act today, do not wait for tomorrow.

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