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Updated: Jan 28, 2021

This is to show you the dark side of Paksu. What I am going to narrate is not going to be good for the reputation of Paksu, but since this is a common mistake among leaders, I have decided to take a stand and talk about it. These people do not know how to handle the power that entails a good source of income. Money can be the root of several problems if not used wisely.

Coming back to our story, Paksu was working for the government, performing odd jobs. He was earning around 250 ringgits at that time, equivalent to about 100 US Dollars a month. This was not adequate to take care of a family. Therefore, his wife began to roast coffee, and he used to sell it on the side. However, that did not go according to plan, and it fell through. When he joined DXN, he earned a bonus of 37 ringgit quickly. This was more than the pay raise he attained so far in his career. I advised him to push further and work harder. The very next month, he bagged a bonus of 120 ringgit.

In about two years, he earned close to 16,000 ringgits. That was around 6400 US Dollars at that period of time. As a brand, we were extremely proud of his success and the work he had put in to earn it. He was respected throughout our community and was loved by everyone. Our sales were peaking almost every year. We started with around 20,000 ringgit per month in 1993. After the turn of the year, we recorded sales worth 200,000 ringgit per month. In 1995, we were recording 2 million ringgits. It was in that very year when Paksu was earning a bonus of 16,000 ringgit. Sometime later, I got to hear that he married two other women. In Islamic culture, it is okay to marry four wives. I did not enquire about this issue as I did not intend to cross a line.

But, one day, we were on a phone call, and he told me that he was staying at a hotel. It was the one in our city, and I was surprised he was residing there for the night. He said his wives had a fight among themselves and asked him to stay away from them on further questioning. Slowly this started affecting his work life and performance. He was not doing well in business. One day, he came up to me and told me that he decided to leave DXN. This was not something that I expected, and I was taken aback. He pulled out his bonus card for a million sales with us, and he told us that our competitors were offering 15% of the company’s shares along with a luxurious car and 6% in the market sales. I was astonished by this since it was not normal for a company to involve shareholders and staff in the market. I tried to convince him out of the decision, but it was too late. He was too deep in it to realize that it was a scam. He had atrocious demands, and he was only willing to stay if those terms and conditions were met.

That meeting turned out to be fruitless, and he eventually left DXN. His departure gave birth to various rumors that we were going to go bankrupt soon. This was completely false. The competitors took advantage of this situation and falsely claimed that they were the suppliers of DXN and that we were on the verge of failing since they stopped the supply to our company. After investigating them, we came to know that they did not own a farm or factory. They were a complete facade. So, we launched an attack regarding the credibility of their farm and factory. This stirred rumors, and with the way that company was running, it was sure to flake out soon.

Four months later, Paksu made an appearance in our office and asked us to take him back. They did not give him the things they offered him and demanded a lot of work from him. Our members were totally against this idea, and I told Paksu that we would not accept him back. On constant begging from his end, I took him back. He was the only member we ever took back. Nevertheless, there have been several cases like him. People have been greedy and jumped ship to competitors several times. So, we always advise you to prepare yourself while working with DXN. Paksu was always thankful to us and showed us his gratitude. May his soul rest in peace.

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