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Eradicating Misconceptions of DXN Ganoderma

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

I will clear some of the misconceptions that you might possess regarding buying and usage of Ganoderma. And then, we will discuss more ways of experiencing the higher efficiency of Ganoderma.

A common misconception in the market is that Ganoderma Spore is the best part of Ganoderma. And many producers are feeding on this misconception. People are buying Ganoderma Spores for high prices for no apparent reason and no supplementary benefits. DXN in the early days did a lot of study on the effect of spores and the centrifugal natural extracts of Ganoderma. We found that the latter is indeed more effective than the former.

Another misconception is that water-soluble products are more effective than insoluble or semi-soluble products. Based on this fallacy, some companies tried to defame our products because our products are only 30% soluble in water. We politely took this discussion to our customers, and we explained that not all parts of the Ganoderma are soluble. To make the product 100% soluble, we will have to remove those insoluble constituents, but doing so will impact the tangible efficiency of the product that we are serving. We made it clear that we will not compromise with the quality of our product just for the sake of its looks. We can always get rid of those 70% insoluble active ingredients, but then we will get a product that is only 30% efficient. It is not like the water-soluble products are worthless; they work just fine too. It's just that it does not show positive results for conditions like a skin disease. The function of the water-soluble products is limited.

There are two significant problems with water-soluble products. The first one being excessive use of heat, and the second one, metal deposits and contamination. As I said in the previous blog, multiple heating is essential to extract the active elements of Ganoderma. The first boils take up a few hours to extricate the water-soluble ingredients from the Ganoderma. After boiling, they throw away the suspended content of Ganoderma, which constitutes up to 70% of the effective ingredients. The second boil is even longer because this step involves evaporating excessive water. When the solution gets concentrated, they add dextrin to solidify it. So if we see, this product is not even a pure Ganoderma product.

Another point worth noticing is the utensil and the water that they use to boil the solution. The water that they use for boiling contains traces of minerals. Due to multiple boiling, the water and the dissolved minerals get diluted and forms compounds. These compounds are very harmful to kidneys. And this is the main reason why we don't perform the boiling operation. You can use our products for internal use through consumption and also external applications. You can take Ganoderma internally to get a body detox. You can also apply our product externally to treat open wounds, skin problems; cosmetics and skincare; and brain regulation. We can assure you that it is suitable for plants and animals too.

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