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Ganotherapy - Four Basic Principles of Ganotherapy

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

In the second installment of this course, we will learn The Four Basic Principles of Ganotherapy. Before getting into that, let us recap what we learned in the previous blog. Macrosystem is the system that we can analyze with five senses, which are sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. Simultaneously, the system that needs examination under the microscope and laboratory testing is called microsystems. Diseases, vitamins, and various chemical constituents of the food come under the microsystem. And the food that we take as a whole comes under the macro system. In Ganotherapy, we deal in only the Macro level of any system. In Ganotherapy, we treat the body and not the disease. As a procedure of Ganotherapy, we consume the whole food and do not bother about the micro-ingredients that the food holds.

The Four Principles of Ganotherapy are:

  • Toxin or imbalance of nutrients causes all diseases or health problems in the body.

  • We treat the body, and the body treats the illness.

  • The body causes all the reactions and not Ganoderma.

  • The dosage of Ganoderma is dependent on the condition of the body and not the disease.

Before going any further, I have to ask you to think of any disease that can come due to any reason other than toxin and imbalance of nutrients. Before you come up with an answer, keep these two theses in mind:

  • Anything that we do not want in the body is a toxin.

  • When the body is not functioning as it should, it is in a state of imbalance.

I am sure that you must have figured out some names, but unfortunately, this could not be an interactive class; so, I will explain some basic arguments with some examples; I hope you figure out the right answer. HIV is due to a virus, not a toxin or some imbalance of nutrients. But as I mentioned before, anything that we do not want in the body is a toxin. And I am sure that it's apparent to you that virus is not something we want. Many diseases occur due to bacteria that we intake through fouled air, water, and food, which are again toxin. Diabetes occurs due to an imbalance of sugar metabolism; in other words, it occurs due to an imbalance of a specific nutrient called sugar. Many chronic diseases are due to the imbalance of body functions.

There are only two types of toxins; water-soluble and water-insoluble. We can perform detox of water-soluble toxins through sweat and urine. The body does detox through pimples, boils, and oil discharge in the skin for the water-insoluble toxins. In Ganotherapy, we look at disease as a warning signal. When something is not okay with our body, it tries to warn us with some indications. These signals are diseases. Many practitioners tend to dampen the signals/disease without trying to figure the main problem within. This practice is not so wise. So we aim to make the body healthy and fit for any enigma. If the body is healthy, it will target the root problem, and then the body will eradicate it, hence making the signals disappear.

In the last section of this teaching, we will discuss the dosage of Ganoderma for different age groups and people with special conditions. I always say, from the womb to the tomb, all can take Ganoderma. Obviously, you know what I mean from that; no need to stress on it. There are three general conditions of the body; Problem, Serious Problem, and Very Serious Problem. People who are having a problem but not serious can take 6 Reishi Gano; 6 Ganocelium; or 12 Spirulina. People with a serious problem should take 15 Reishi Gano; 15 Ganocelium; or 30 Spirulina. For severe problems, 30 Reishi Gano; 30 Ganocelium; or 60 Spirulina is recommended.

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