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Ganotherapy - Introduction

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

While analyzing a system, we have to study it in two sections; MicroSystem and MacroSystem. To understand Ganotherapy, one must learn to differentiate between Microtherapy and Macrotherapy; Micronutritien and Macronutritien; Micro body system and Macro body system. For starters, let us understand what these two terms Macro and Micro mean.

Anything that we can analyze with our five senses is Macro. The five senses are sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. Whereas on the other hand, anything that needs studying at the microscopic level is Micro. There are two ways of looking into the root cause of a problem; the Micro way and the Macro way. To operate at the Micro-level, we need a high end and sophisticated equipment to perform in-depth analysis. Since we practically observe the root cause in Microanalysis, many people believe that Microanalysis is a much accurate alternative. Well, beliefs mounts on wordy knowledge, whereas trust mounts on experience. And the latter is what makes us yakka.

In Ganotherapy, we have to perform the Macroanalysis of the body to understand the problem. We do this by observing and understanding the symptoms that our body is showing. Our body reacts similarly to a wide range of conditions; in such cases, to understand the particular issue, we need the knowledge of Ganotherapy. I a bit thorough knowledge, we can eliminate the high equipment cost and still convoke outcomes with the same accuracy as in Microanalysis.

Anyway, there is no competition between these two systems. Each system deals with a certain functionality area; we can not expect one therapeutic system to deal with all problems. In Ganotherapy, we do not talk about diseases; we talk about the body. Ganotherapy is not about treating disorder; it is more about preparing the body, which will, in turn, treat the disorder on its own.

Now let's understand the difference between Micronutrition and Macro nutrition. The meaning of both is pretty clear from the introduction part; now, let's look at their practical identification. When we talk about diet in terms of vitamins, we are referring to Micronutrition. And when we tend to a patient suffering from dehydration, the regular suggestion is the intake of higher levels of water with added rehydrating salts. When we speak about nutrition as such, we are referring to Macro nutrition.

An overview of what we learned so far about Ganotherapy is that; Ganotherapy is a therapeutic system that works purely on Macro parameters. The methods rely mainly on preparing the body for any future health conditions such that it can tackle them without any external medicinal help. Ganotherapy does not focus on the body's condition but the symptoms that the body is showing due to that condition.

All of this might sound a little confusing at this stage, but trust me, hang on tight, and you will love all that your brain is going to absorb about Ganotherapy. In the next blog, we will take a much closer look at Ganotherapy.

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