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Ganotherapy - Main Teaching of Ganotherapy

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

In this blog, I will teach the basic applications of Ganotherapy. Let's start with a regular question; who can use Ganoderma? As I said in the previous blog, anyone can use Ganoderma from the womb to the tomb. The major groups of customers who buy Ganoderma products are pregnant women, students, patients, senior citizens, and toddlers. In fact, some customers use Ganoderma for their animals too. Moving on, let me fill you with some of the Ganoderma product knowledge. Ganoderma has six main products: Reishi Gano, Ganocelium, Spirulina, Lion Mane, Cordyceps, and Poria. There is a saying in the field of Pharmacology; One Product One Function. It means that there are several reasons to use a particular medicine, but its main function is just one.

Products of Ganoderma and their applications:

  • Reishi Gano: detoxification

  • Ganocelium: balancing back

  • Spirulina: to curb blood-related problems

  • Lion Mane: to curb stomach and nerve problems

  • Cordyceps: lung and kidney problems

  • Poria: detox through urine

Now let's look at the benefits and applications of Ganoderma drinks and beverages. These products come in powder, which you can mix in milk, tea, or coffee. Some of the Ganoderma beverages are; Morinzhi, Cordypine, Vinaigrette, and Vinaigrette honey.

Ganoderma beverages and their applications:

  • Morinzhi: regulates the stomach

  • Cordypine: removes acid from the body and regulates lungs and kidney

  • Vinaigrette: removes body acids

  • Vinaigrette honey: smoothens the throat and relieves cough and dry throat.

Ganoderma products have a huge impact on skincare; let's look at some of Ganoderma products' applications. To deal with a wet wound, we can use Reishi Gano powder. To improve the skin condition, we can use a few regular commodities and Ganoderma products. For example, we can use Reishi Gano with yogurt to nourish the skin; to tend to dry skin, we can use Gano oil and Reishi Gano with toothpaste.

Ganoderma's five main actions are scanning, detox, repair, balance back, and regeneration. These five steps are systematic, and they betide one after another. The first step is scanning; this is a two-week process; during this period, Ganoderma makes the body reflect the body's problems if any. The second step is scanning; this is a month-long process; during this phase, the body removes toxins through sweat, urine, stool, and phlegm. The third step is repairing; this process takes up to three months to one year; in this phase, the damaged tissues are replaced with new tissues. The fourth step is balancing; this is almost a three-year-long process, and it starts after repairing to bring back the body balance. The final step is regeneration; it is a one to five-year process depending on the problem because it takes time to recover from a bad condition.

We have covered almost everything in Ganotherapy in these three blogs. The detailed study of Ganotherapy is beyond the scope of these blogs, so if you intend to learn more about the same, you are always welcome to join the Sunyatee International Foundation. I will bring more knowledge to your click zone; all you have to do is show a little support.

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