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Updated: Feb 1, 2021

The excellent variety and quantity of food intake are crucial and vital to your health. We can divide food into two broad categories:

i) Oily and fatty food

ii) Food containing starch and protein

Oil and fat are digested by the liver enzymes, whereas the enzymes supplied by the pancreas digests starch and protein. If your food intake is restricted to only a few types, you will have a severe problem maintaining appropriate health. A cutback on the diversity of food will always cause several health issues. Long back, a friend of mine used to consume water from only one particular place. He and his wife fell sick soon, and their health was not excellent. I advised them to try out various other places to drink water because the following method would only cause more harm.

According to research, you need to have at least 60 types of food to sustain your health. I advised the couple to take RG, GL, and Spirulina to diversify their food. They followed this, and their health improved eventually. If you do not diversify your food for a short while, it is acceptable. Your liver can produce those nutrients required for that period. If you consume the same type of food every day, you will lack specific nutrients. Your liver will step in to produce these nutrients and will face fatigue in the long run. The liver is the biochemical factory of the body. If it is in fatigue, there will be an imbalance of nutrients, and this will cause problems like depression.

It is not feasible in modern life to follow a diet that contains 60 types of food, but in DXN, we have a solution. The Ganoderma and Spirulina that we produce are rich in nutrients. Right now, DXN has also set up a small hanging garden for our members. This gives them the freedom to plant vegetables and mushrooms. It is a compact aquaponic system to cultivate fish and vegetables. This system diversifies your food and also helps in preventing the use of preservatives and other chemicals.

Not only the variety but the quantity of food you consume is also significant. When there is not enough food, the liver has to be overworked. That’s why children suffering from malnutrition have bloated and inflated stomachs due to the liver's swelling. Concurrently, you are not supposed to ingest a lot of food either, as this can overwork your organs as well. The best way to go about this is to prioritize vegetables, followed by fish and other kinds of meat. We advise our members to cut down their consumption of meat by at least 50%. In many cultures, meat is substituted by the consumption of mushrooms. In Germany, they refer to mushrooms as the meat from the forest.

DXN sells logs of mushrooms that can be grown by the consumer. We have already started this practice in Malaysia, and we are planning on spreading it all across the world. The next significant development for DXN would be producing ecologically farmed food.

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