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Updated: Jan 28, 2021

In this article, we will talk about the two main concerns of human beings: mental and sexual health. The most common form of mental health issue is depression. There was one man who was hooked on strong anti-depressants and was living life like a zombie. We helped him to recover back with the help of huge doses of Ganoderma.

Over the years, the frequency of people asking queries about depression has increased. They often ask for the most appropriate medication. However, that’s not how it works. You need to know your body system, and, in the future, we will train you to match the body system with the appropriate medication or products. To remain fit and healthy, the combination of RG and GL, coupled with Spirulina, is the best that you could ask for. If you are not familiar with the field of Ganotherapy, take a trial of our Ganoderma products first. The dosage is based on your body system and condition.

Now I will talk about a serious case of drug usage and how we helped that person. There was a carpet seller who was often depressed. She consulted a doctor regarding this issue, and he prescribed a strong anti-depressant. In fact, it had been banned by the health authorities. Nevertheless, the doctor convinced her to reassure her that he took the anti-depressants himself and that he did not face any exhaustion. The woman bought it, and it is true that she was feeling energetic and could work for hours together. However, this is not the right way to deal with depression.

With such kind of medication, you tend to overwork your body, and you burn yourself out of energy. You start getting dependent on these drugs. We must never interfere with our body functions with the help of drugs. The doctor who claimed to use the drugs himself ironically died because of them. He overworked himself, and his body could not take that stress. After the doctor’s demise, the carpet seller found it tough to get these drugs as it was banned elsewhere. She began facing withdrawals of not having the drug for her immediate usage. She became violent and started attacking and swearing at people.

We advised her family to give her a mega dosage of the RG, GL, and Spirulina mixture. After a couple of weeks, she started becoming herself again. She was recovering well. She also consumed our coffee. Coffee is a decent drink to battle depression as it makes you feel lively and energetic naturally. Depression is also caused due to stomach ailments. For this, Morinzhi and lion mane is perfect. It a common joke among DXN members that when your wife asks for a diamond, give her a cup of DXN coffee! That would calm her down and stop the nagging! There is another powerful energy drink that our members make. It consists of a raw egg mixed with coffee powder. You can benefit from it without developing an addiction.

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