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Updated: Feb 8, 2021

When DXN was established, most of our leaders and key staff were teachers. They were very active at that time. This one teacher had complaints of his child being last in class and generally really poor when it came to academics. His son was around ten years old then.

After consuming RG and GL regularly, his memory enhanced, and he could focus better. From being the last in his class, he began to be amongst the toppers. After that, several teachers proclaimed that many students benefited from RG and GL. Children with mental issues, who frequently required help, were able to do things independently. This caused many teachers to join DXN as members, and they started referring to our products as “Brain tonic.” This helped in boosting our sales at that time. In-depth research and studies conducted on Ganoderma proved that it helped polish our brain and help treat dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Ganoderma generally helps in keeping the brain sharp and focused. For children who are still in the developmental stage, this could prove vital since they are still growing and could benefit from these properties. Their level of comprehension would become better than the average human being. Since our Ganoderma 3 in 1 coffee has been set in motion, many students have purchased it and consumed it during exam season since it helps them stay awake and concentrate.

The credit for this should go to the teachers who found value in our products and kept faith in promoting them. This established coffee as one of the significant developments in DXN. Research has also proved that our products like Ganoderma and Spirulina also play a massive role in improving our neural system and oxygen level in our blood. This is the reason why students find it easy to focus and be sharp after consuming our products.

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