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Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Often our members, women, complain that their body weight increases despite eating a lesser amount of food. There are two main reasons for being obese:

i) The first is due to over-eating. The more you eat, the likelier you are to gain weight.

ii) The second reason is due to weakness in your metabolism.

It is a common perception that we need to consume three meals a day to keep our body in great shape and to preserve tons of energy. However, our digestive system is at its most active state between 11 am and 1 pm. This proves that one heavy meal a day is sufficient for the body. Nevertheless, most of us have no control over our meals, and we tend to eat throughout the day. When you ingest a lot of food, you are stressing your liver and pancreas. This leads to several persistent, long-term diseases and depression.

When we held a meeting in Australia, many of our members complained about obesity. So, I shared my experience in Australia with them. When I first arrived there, I ordered three meals. One each for myself, my wife, and my assistant. These meals were considerably large, and we could not finish them. The next time we ordered only one meal for the three of us, we could not finish that either. This showed that a large amount of food, much in excess, was being prepared for just one meal. The real question we need to ask is how to cut down on food without feeling hunger or any other discomposure.

A significant habit to follow is to eat your food slowly and to chew it thoroughly. This gives your stomach an ample amount of time to communicate with your brain and feel a sense of fullness. It is best to take one big meal a day and to have substantially smaller meals at other times. The ideal practice is to follow a liquid diet at the beginning of the day, followed by a heavy meal around 11 am to 1 pm. This can be accompanied by congee or porridge later during the day. This is good because following a liquid diet does not make us feel starving that often. Eating and chewing slowly is a must since that cuts down food intake naturally all by itself. The other approach is to have one heavy meal a day, accompanied by two smaller liquid meals.

Meanwhile, food rich in fiber, like mushrooms, wild vegetables, seaweed, etc., should be incorporated into your diet. When your body digests food, it converts it into sugar for energy and other nutrients like proteins used to build your muscle. Therefore, when more food is taken in, the surplus sugar and nutrients will be stored as fat in your body. When the body gets weak, the metabolism gets weakened, which does not help break down or burn the nutrients. You need organic acids like acetate or citric acid to complete the breaking down of nutrients in your body in a cycle called the “Citric Acid Cycle.” It is in this cycle that the nutrients are broken down. Hence, many countries have food that is sour in taste, like the injera in Ethiopia.

When you lack bio acid, most of your surplus nutrients are not being burned, leading to obesity. Consuming organic vinegar is good for your health. Many of DXN’s products can help you in your weight loss regime.

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