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Updated: Jan 28, 2021

This is a topic that needs to be discussed in detail. I am often bombarded with questions from people asking for ways to manage their sex lives and improve their performance during intercourse.

According to research, one out of five couples have trouble in bed. The issues are usually lack of interest in sex, pre-ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction. There are two methods to solve this problem. One is treatment by replacement, where the patient consumes hormones to stimulate the sexual hormones in their body. This is a risky way to approach this issue because there are good chances of your body being dependent on those hormones even later in life. This could also lead to impotence. Therefore, instead of solving the problem, this method only causes more harm to your health and body.

The other method to solve this is by regenerating your body. When a person had diabetes, certain parts of the body stop functioning. Sadly, it is usually the sexual functions that shut off first. The best way is to regenerate the body functions through detox and bringing balance back to life. The products we sell at DXN are perfect for this.

During the dawn of our company, we had a famous formula called the 4111. It contained four pairs of RG and GL, one raw egg, one tablespoon of honey, and one DXN coffee sachet. Over the years, raw eggs got replaced by Spirulina, and love got replaced by Cordypine. Mix all these ingredients in water, and you can have this as an energy drink casually. More often than not, I advise our members to have this drink before and not after they indulge in intercourse. It is common to think that these drinks are used to revitalize energy after sex, but that’s not how the body system works.

Our products are usually mistaken for aphrodisiacs, but they are far from that. They do not consist of any hormones or stimulants. It only helps in regenerating your body and does not replace anything. This is the most potent way of solving health problems. Sexual problems are not just related to physical issues; they can be caused due to emotional imbalance. Many cases would cause conflict and emotional trauma. Workplace pressure, children’s education, house mortgages, etc., are enough to cause stress.

This can be solved with the help of Sunya. It can help people to calm down and bring peace and love into a relationship. Many people also tend to have a false image of sex due to the rise of pornography. They forget about the reality of sex. Making love is a way to tighten your bond with your partner. If you consider it just to be a physical act, you will face the consequences of that. How long you go and how good your performance is, is just not as important as love.

We do have solutions to problems like early ejaculation, though. The first solution is natural and does not involve any medicine. When the man is about to ejaculate, if he presses the neck of his penis using his thumb and index finger, it subsides the need to ejaculate for that moment. For women who suffer from pain during sexual intercourse, the best solution is to use a lubricant. Our Gano oil is perfect for this. A severe issue with men is erectile dysfunction, and there are similar methods to treat that.

It is essential to educate people about sex, and we must suggest appropriate methods and techniques.

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