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Updated: Jan 28, 2021

As the title suggests, we will talk about the fifth group of customers, the adults. In any business, the basic rule while selling is to know and understand the customers' needs. We are not just enthusiastic about selling Ganoderma products. We also pay a lot of attention to the customer’s needs.

The companies that understand their customers’ needs will always thrive in the market. Those who are here only to promote their products will peak early and fade away soon. There are two main issues in adults. It is commonly depression and sexual health. There is a lot of pressure on an individual once they enter adulthood—financial issues, family and personal issues, and so much more. One out of two adults is facing emotional stress.

When it comes to sexual health, adults have to maintain a healthy one to have children and make a family. The million-dollar question that we face regularly is if something physical like Ganoderma can solve an issue that occurs mentally? We have gained enough experience over the last thirty years in the field of depression, and we have been improving our skills and expertise. We do not endorse anti-depressants on a long-term basis. In an emergency or extreme case, it is important to use anti-depressants, but other than that, we do not encourage their usage.

When an individual gets hooked on these drugs, their life becomes pale and bland. Nothing would interest them anymore without the help of these drugs. I was in conversation with a psychiatrist once, and I told her that I would generally advise reverse counting with Ganoderma to tackle depression. She said that this technique could be hazardous because the mind tends to be blank while reverse counting, which could harm the person by making him wild. She used hypnotizing the patients so they feel comfortable enough to talk about what has been disturbing or traumatizing them. She spoke to them and prescribed anti-depressants. I told her that this was even riskier since touching sensitive topics with people who are depressed is like playing with fire. She acknowledged this and asked me how I treat such problems.

I told her that I advise my patients to practice reverse counting. By doing this, we help the individual to disengage the negative aspects of his life and move on from them. While practicing reverse counting, the patient may feel intense emotional pressure, but we advise them to continue the process without paying attention to the feelings. This way, we are ignoring it and letting it go rather than approaching and scrutinizing it. We also advise consuming Ganoderma products while undergoing this process as it helps to strengthen the body. When the body is alright, the mind tends to be alright. This is a much safer approach to tackle depression.

The psychiatrist herself admitted that she was depressed after being in touch with so many patients for the last five years. She wanted to give my method a try. She brought in a man who was around 25 years old. He looked neat and tidy and was surprisingly healthy. But for some reason, he had a blank expression on his face. As if nothing interested him anymore. He told me that the drugs had turned him into a living zombie. He was not depressed, but at the same time, he had nothing to look forward to. He was basically emotionless. He had also felt like committing suicide multiple times. He had faced a lot of failure in life and was absolutely done with it. I told him that the world is not perfect, and we all make mistakes. The mistake is not the issue here. It is the fact that you have given up so soon. I advised him to do reverse counting, and he found it hard to count back from even 10 to 1. This was because he had fallen deep into depression. However, the man continued reverse counting and consuming mega doses of Ganoderma.

Time passed by, and I revisited Europe. The man and the psychiatrist had come to meet me. The young man told me that he was doing great and was happy with everything. Life seemed to be colorful again. The psychiatrist said that she started applying my technique to her patients, and there were amazing results. We have a lot of experience in treating such cases, and we strive to help as many people as possible. We are a family, and we look out for each other.

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