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Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Welcome to another herbal talk. For a while, I've been thinking of making the teachings of Ganotherapy and Hexogenous reflexology available to everyone. I have also contemplated establishing an online DXN University. I always say 'tomorrow shall not wait'; so, in this blog, I announce that I will be making videos dedicated completely to the teachings of Ganotherapy, and soon, I will work on establishing an online University that will be open to everyone and anyone.

When it comes to learning Ganoderma, the most frequent question is: who can and cannot take Ganoderma? The answer is straightforward: from the womb to the tomb, anyone can take Ganoderma. From pregnant women, babies, children, young men and women, mature persons, senior citizens, and sick patients, all can take Ganoderma.

Let me help you understand the broad field of application of Ganoderma through the example of one of our first customers. But first, let me give you an important piece of information. Nowadays, one out of every five married couples has the problem to conceive within three years of their marriage. The customer that I'm talking about had the problem of not conceiving within 3 years of trying and was facing a pregnancy problem. And that's when we asked our team: Can Ganoderma help a couple to conceive? The answer is a very big YES! The couple and many interim members of the DXN experienced the benefits of Ganoderma in their family life.

When a couple does not conceive, the problem may not only be related to the wife; the husband might also be the root cause of the problem. And the most common problem in husband's is the sperm count or sperm vitality. If sperm is lacking and is not active, then the chances of making the wife conceive might get seriously reduced. For men to improve their sperm count and sperm vitality, good protein is essential. And when it comes to proteins, Ganoderma tops the list. Let me tell you the formula that DXN suggested the couple adopt to get good results. As you know, eggs are the perfect source of all the major nutrients that our body needs. But how to consume the egg to get its maximum benefits? How to boil and prepare the eggs? The answer is: do not boil the egg and take it raw. If this sounds very disgusting to you, please blame me, because I did not come up with this idea. A series of research proves that taking the egg raw boosts health. The reason for this is simple, the more you heat or boil the eggs, the more you destroyed the proteins in them.

It becomes much difficult for your body to digest and absorb the proteins from a boiled egg compared with the raw eggs. The only problem with taking a raw egg is that there may be harmful bacteria and parasites in it. Generally, a fresh egg does not have bacteria inside it since the egg's membrane is a good insulator of bacteria. So, a simple sterilization procedure can effectively kill the bacteria on the surface of the egg. The two effective techniques of sterilizing anything is heating and temperature shock. The problem with heating is that you will have to heat it long enough to kill the germs, but the egg would have lost so many important nutrients by that time. And so, we recommend the second technique, which is temperature shock. First, you prepare some boiling water and some cold water. Soak the egg in boiling water for 20 to 30 seconds, and then immediately take out the egg and put it in cold water. This will apply the temperature shock to the egg and will kill most of the germs.

But not everyone loves eggs; if you happen to be one of those, you can use Soya beans instead. Now you must be thinking, how is soya bean good in helping to conceive? I am aware that many companies run campaigns against soya beans, so I would choose not to clash with their ideologies. So I leave the decision of using soya beans upon you. And if you have decided a NO for Soya Beans, then we have the ultimate remedy for you; DXN Spirulina!

Are Spirulina are cultured carefully, making them rich in protein. So, I suggest you use 10 Spirulina to replace the raw eggs or the Soya beans. The initial formula has a nickname of 4-1-1-1; four pairs of RG GL, one raw egg, one spoon of honey, and one sachet of DXN Coffee. Yes, you heard me right; a DXN cup of coffee can improve your circulation and can help you activate the sperm too. No matter how much I suggest and promote taking raw eggs, many people find raw eggs unpalatable, and hence they replace that one egg with 10 DXN Spirulina. Making the formula 10-4-1-1; 10 Spirulina, 4 pairs of RG GL, one spoon of honey, and one sachet of DXN Coffee.

This formula is not only good for men, but it has also been proved effective for women as well. When a woman has difficulty in conceiving, it can be due to three main problems. The first problem is the Fallopian tube; these are narrow tubes attached to the upper part of the uterus and serve as pathways for the ova to travel from the ovaries to the uterus. The second problem can be inactive ova or egg cells. The third problem could be hormone imbalance in the body. So I highly recommend couples all around the globe follow the 10-4-1-1 rule to experience happy family life.

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