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Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Today we will discuss the people who fall under the sixth group of customers for Ganotherapy, the senior citizens. The quality of life at an older age is essential to our well-being.

When you are young, your body is filled with energy. You are optimistic, and you look forward to life. But when we become old, we tend to be weaker. We will find it tough to remember certain events. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the quality of life for senior citizens by rejuvenating their energy.

A story is worth a thousand lectures, and we will stand by that today. My grandma started suffering from dementia during her mid-seventies. You would often find her searching for something in the house, but when you would question her, she would not remember what she was searching for! To top that, she was not someone who consumed herbs and nutritious food. Though being illiterate, she believed in western doctors and their medicine. She refused to drink my Ganoderma.

So to counter this, we started mixing GL in her drink and RG in her soup. This way, she would have both of them without realizing it. After about two weeks, she started to regain memory. One day my aunt visited her, and she began to recollect the good old times. She claims that the coconut in her birthplace in china is bigger than the one in Malaysia. We thought that was a debatable topic, but we did not cross swords with her. She spoke for hours together. We told her that it was Ganoderma that helped her get better, and she was in awe.

Today, she is way past her eighties, but she is still a regular employee at the DXN factory with no retirement sight shortly. During the dawn of DXN, we used to ship our products through courier to our customers. One day, a member complained that she never received her order and had already paid for it a week ago. When we checked our courier records, we noticed that the package was sent a week back, and it should have arrived at the destination by now. When we explored further, we found that her father took the package. They later realized that the father had been using our products and was content with the outcome.

One fine evening, he stunned the entire family by confessing that he wanted to get married again at the age of 80! They stopped giving him the products to lower his energy levels. When this took place, he looked for ways to get his hand on our products, and he decided to take the courier that was sent to their house without the rest of the family knowing. We advised the member to let her father consume them as it improves his living quality, and she agreed.

When older people ingest our products, do not blame them for their desire to have sex. This shows that their body is working efficiently. They can look after themselves and will not be a burden. Many countries spend a lot of resources on their senior citizens. We can develop this situation by making their quality of life better.

With the advancement of science and medicine, we have many senior citizens today compared to the past, as they tend to live longer. We should not make them feel like they are a liability to society.

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