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Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Ganoderma is not just for sick people; it is useful for healthy people as well. We divide our members into seven groups:

i) Pregnant women

ii) Children

iii) Students

iv) Young men and women

v) Mature people

vi) Senior citizens

vii) People suffering from sickness

When it comes to sick people, we don’t treat diseases; we only heal the body. Doctors are not capable of treating conditions. They can only minimize the damage to the body. The reason we cannot treat chronic diseases is that they are not the problem by themselves. They are just an indication of the issue.

When there is something wrong with your health, your body tries to show you that something is wrong. The best and primary example would be mouth ulcers. It is a sign that there is something amiss with your gastrointestinal system. For people facing such issues, we prescribe measures to strengthen their bodies with products like Lion Mane and Morinzhi on top of RG, GL, and Spirulina.

Malnutrition and a lousy diet are two of the most conventional health problems. Malnutrition is usually caused by a lack of food to consume. However, it is also caused when people eat selective food appropriately, depriving their body of essential nutrients. The liver digests the oil and fat, and the pancreas digests the protein and starch. Therefore, if there is a lack of nutrients, either the liver or the pancreas, they will be overworked in some cases. Once these organs are put under stress, people start suffering from hypertension, cardiovascular issues, and many other problems. When your pancreas is not functioning efficiently, you may suffer from diabetes and kidney failure. For such cases, we generally recommend large doses of RG, GL, and Spirulina. This helps in regenerating your body.

During the inception of our company, I came across a man who was suffering from throat cancer. He told me he was not worried about dying. However, he had a massive wound on his neck, which would ooze out blood frequently, and it needed to be attended to every twenty minutes. He felt awful for his family members as they always had to look after him. I advised his family to give him mega doses of RG and GL. I also asked them to apply RG powder to the wound and to wash it with RG water. In a week, the injury dried up. He was not afraid of dying, and he was just relieved that he was not a burden on his family anymore. I checked his pulse and immediately realized that he was in a grave condition.

Soon his family got to know of his condition, and they were in tears. Before he passed away, I asked him if he wanted me to message his family. He told me he was happy just the way things were, and he did not feel the need to mean anything. Within a few days, the older man passed away blissfully. In Ganotherapy, we cannot guarantee that we can cure the patient, but we can ensure that we improve their quality of life.

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