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Updated: Jan 29, 2021

In the article, I will discuss the third group of customers: Young men and women. When it comes to Ganotherapy, we need to understand the customers' requirements to suggest appropriate products. For men and women who are still in their youth, the primary health need is to look good, healthy, and presentable. The follow-up question to that would be if our products could cater to skincare and health needs. The answer would be favorable since our products are designed for just that need!

For example, you can use our Gano oil to massage your face and scalp. This helps in removing impurities and cleansing the skin. After using this oil, one can use our body foam to wash their face. We also have a toothpaste manufactured using natural ingredients and can also be used as a face wash. It does not harm your skin and is completely reliable. Several members had also requested us to manufacture face masks. We have a beautiful saying, “Whatever is good for the body is also good for the face and skin.” Therefore, you can use our RG and GL powder as face masks. All you have to do is mix it with clean water.

Spirulina is also an excellent product that can be used to replenish the skin and smoothen the wrinkles. RG, GL, and Spirulina can be mixed with homemade yogurt to form a fantastic and potent facial mask. We had patients who had susceptible skin. Her doctor had prescribed hardcore steroids to battle that issue. However, this proved to be baneful since this worsened her health. Later, she gave our products a try. She mixed RG, GL, and Spirulina with some Gano oil. Her skin problem was cured entirely just by the usage of these products.

Another common question that we get from members is to find ways to whiten or brighten the skin. For us humans, our face reflects how good our internal organs are. It is easy to figure out if a member has consumed our product or not. We usually notice results within a week. Their face tends to be more energetic and radiant if they have consumed our products daily. If not, it remains the same.

To your surprise, one of our products that are best suited for skin-related issues is, in fact, our DXN coffee. Our products are safer since they are not toxic like mercury, which is excessively used in the skincare industry. Using such products not only makes the skin look dull but also artificial. On the contrary, DXN products will make your skin look rejuvenated and refreshed. Pearl powder is another product that could be used to enhance your skin. When mixed with water, it gives a pearly froth. That’s how you identify if it is genuine or not. It is a natural skin whitening substance.

We recommend wetting your hair and applying our shampoo for at least 20 minutes before rinsing it off for hair. This will make your hair soft and healthy. This is also very strong and effective against dandruff. During a visit to Hong Kong, I was approached by a member who said she was running an entire salon with DXN products alone. Throughout the years, we have heard a lot about our products and their wonders.

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