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Herbology 1- Let's talk about herbs

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

After such a long and illuminative career in my field of work, I made it my responsibility to teach Sunya, Ganoderma, and Herbs easy, free of error, and accessible to everyone. By the end of this blog, if you find yourself intrigued by the world of nature and the body, check out my other teachings on Sunya and Ganoderma to enlighten yourself with this divine knowledge. In this blog, you will learn some interesting facts about herbs.

Herbs are not just those greens that you pluck from some far-off mountains. Herbs are everywhere, in your house, garden, park, along the road, forest, and yes, of course, the mountains. You can go to some grocery store to buy the vegetables or to any pharmacy to fetch some medicinal herbs, but what you are doing, in either case, is buying herbs. In plain words, anything that can improve our health is a herb. A very famous doctor Zhang Zhong Jing wrote about the benefits and importance of herbs in the ancient medicinal script, the Shang Han Lun. In this script, he said that everybody should learn about medicine. Zhang Zhong Jing said that a true herbalist should never take money for treatment, should provide teaching on herbs without fee, should respect the herbs, and use herbs only for what is necessary and not more than that. Zhang Zhong Jing is the father of TCM, and his teachings date back to the 129 CE era. He recorded his work on the bamboo sticks. He found a proper six-section theory, the Zhang Zhong Jing and the Meridian theory, etc.

When dealing with herbs, you should keep two things in mind. First, have proper knowledge of the Herbs you intend to use. The wrong use of herbs is just as bad as good when they are used accurately. For the second, know that herbs' use is for everyone and is not at all expensive. You need not go to herbal pharmacies and buy expensive Herbs to seek effective results. If you keep a keen eye, you can practice almost any herbal practice for free. I would suggest you grow your herbs.

In the future, I will make a blog dedicated entirely to growing herbs. This blog was all about a pep talk for herbs. In the coming blogs, I will take you deep into the knowledge of herbs. I will teach you how to collect, grow, dry, and store your herbs. The learning of herbs is vast, and so is the time we have to learn. So keep up and keep learning because this is going to be a perfect journey of learning.

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