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Herbology- Care3- Caring for the child

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

In the previous blog, I explained different problems that a mother faces during pregnancy and after pregnancy. And as promised, in this blog, I will teach you how to raise a child and take proper care of a child. From what I have observed in the current generation, I would like to claim that the babies who take birth in grandparents' house are the luckiest ones. Most of the new parents are euphoric with the fact of becoming a father or a mother. All they want is to do the best that suits their child. What they do not realize is that no child is the same. With fear and excitement, most parents end up believing all the stupid myths the world throw at them. Among all this misinformation, the unchecked facts are the most harmful. Today, I will clear the air around it and help you see this.

The colossal myth that still prevails is on child feeding. You must have heard often that the child must not be fed anything other than the mother's milk for the first six months. Well, from the first day itself, we can feed the child. The good practice to do this is to mix the product with milk and feed it to the child. Those mothers who breastfeed the child can put some products below the tongue of the child before breastfeeding. Make sure not to put in vast lumps of anything in the baby's mouth; if they swallow it by mistake, it will choke them and will cause serious trouble. Typically half a capsule or 200mg of product is sufficient for each feeding. Feeding a baby is a persistent task; they are always hungry, so providing them once every two to four hours is the right approach. But do not feed them products other than milk more than twice a day. Feeding about once or twice a day is enough and essential for health maintenance.

The most common products for small children are GL (Ganocelium) and Spirulina, mixed well with milk or any food. As they grow older and learn how to chew, we can give them Spirulina tablets to chew.

After six months, when the children start taking semi-solid foods, they can be mixed with any food. Children who take these products regularly will be protected from fever, jaundice, and stomach disorder.

Apart from nutrition, one must also focus on the child's physical health. I am surprised by learning that many households have entirely forgotten the procedure of massaging the baby. Many believe that massaging the baby is to protect them from changing weather, and so they wrap their little ones in a stupid number of covers, thinking it's good enough. This is a very wrong approach. Massaging is to strengthen the bones and to make their body resilient to all small health problems. And so, massaging the child's stomach and body softly with Ganoderma oil is what I recommend. Another major problem among little children is skin problems. Many children develop skin irritation, which makes them restless, so I suggest you can bathe the child with Gano oil; it is very mild. One thing to remember is that overdoing anything is not safe and not doing anything is harmful. So do not go excessive with massaging, do not use too much oil at once; the body can absorb only so much. The good practice would be to massage them daily once. Either in the morning after bath or the evening before sleep.

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