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Herbology- Care2- Postnatal care of the Mother

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

In the previous blog, we learned about the right way of taking care of pregnant women. In the same blog, I explained different problems faced by

Women during pregnancy and after pregnancy. In this blog,

I will focus on the postnatal care of the mother. After the child's birth, the mothers face two problems; they are emotional problems and physical problems.

Reasons for the emotional problem are more intense than what one might think. During pregnancy, the internal organs get severely affected. When the fetus is growing, he or she is pressing on the internal organs. This affects the hormones and many functions in the body of the mother. Coming to the physical problems, pregnant women have to fight with the problem of nutrition constantly. During this period, a pregnant lady is either constantly hungry or not hungry at all. In either case, they cannot bring themself to eat enough at a single go. They need to be constantly fed in small portions to fulfill their mother and child's protein requirement. But many families tend to neglect this diet. Due to food restriction to the pregnant ladies, they suffer from malnutrition and anemia during pregnancy.

DXN products like RG GL (Reishi Gano And Ganocelium), Spirulina, other mushrooms like Poria, Cordyceps, and Lion manes are good natal care. Drinks like Coffee, Morinzhi, Cordyline, etc., are good before, during, and after pregnancy. And to handle emotions, Coffee, RG GL, Spirulina, Morinzhi, etc., are very effective.

When it comes to post-pregnancy physical challenges, mothers usually want to regain their original physical structure. To control the body shape, mothers should apply and massage the Gano oil and then fasten the waist with some broadcloth belt. In a way, it is a convenient way in modern life.

After pregnancy, mothers are generally left with bruised muscles and many painful joints. In the olden day, people would use nature's way of solving this problem. They would slice open big and mature ginger and warm the ginger's cut surface with a candle or a burning lamp in the traditional methods. Then they would soak the surface of ginger with the oil, and then they would rub the abdomen and waist of the mother with that piece of ginger. This method is good for bruised muscles or painful joints but performing this procedure daily is not easy. To bring the modern-day procedure close to the conventional methods, we made the Gano oil. It contains all the required nutrients, and no special rubbing medium is required. With this oil, all you have to do is make it warm and apply it to the abdomen and waist area daily. It also works very well in reducing stretch marks.

In the next blog, I will discuss how to raise a child with good moral values and proper sense. If you like my work, feel free to support me by donating to SIF to upgrade the social-economic and socially disadvantaged group of people. Or donate to the 'one dollar to one child' program to fight malnutrition for the poor children.

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