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How and Why I started the DXN Ganoderma

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Over the years, my study and advancement in the field of Ganoderma have helped so many people. And I believe that helping someone is a great deed. The inspiration for something as great as this can only come from someone virtuous. For me, that someone is my father.

My father used to collect fresh herbs to treat the villagers. He would pound them and extract the fresh juice. My father used to say that these fresh juices are powerful; if the application is right, the result should be noticeable within twenty minutes. According to his experience, the Lygodium Japonicum is the most effective herb to treat any fever. The same is used even now in many rural parts of Southern Asia.

It all started in a small town. In the early '80s, I worked as an engineer in MADA(Muda Agriculture Development Authority). I was the in-charge of irrigation, and my job involved going to lake Pedu regularly to inspect the dam. The journey from my stay to my workplace was of two hours along a small road. I used to stop at a roadside coffee shop to get rejuvenated. I had a casual chatting friendship with some of the villagers there. And they told me an interesting story.

They told me that there is a type of red shining mushroom with multiple medicinal uses. They claimed that this mushroom is being used widely by the local therapists for every other health issue. They said that these local therapists would collect the red mushrooms and dry them under the sun; then, they would burn the mushroom into ash. They mix the ash with honey to treat cough; they would blend the same with coconut oil to treat skin problems. The use of these mushrooms was widespread, but they did not know its actual name. They asked me if I could help them with its name. So I told them to show it to me when we meet next time.

I was immediately fascinated by the sight of such a beautiful mushroom. For a moment, I felt that that mushroom was smiling at me. I found out that this mushroom belonged to a genus called Ganoderma. It is commonly available in Malaysia and is known to attack palm trees. In China, it is famous with the name of Lingzhi; Ling means spiritual, and Zhi means medicinal mushroom. The Chinese would take Lingzhi regularly to have peace of mind while meditating. It is at the top of the Chinese pharmacopeia of herbs. Lingzhi is known as the king of all herbs. It is even more powerful than the famed Ginseng. After accumulating all this information about this herb, I wondered why these local therapists burned these mushrooms for use. Why not use it directly; after all, incinerating something kills its nutrition value.

I learned that Ganoderma is way too powerful. Even after burning it to ashes, it retains certain health benefits. Then I wondered, what will happen if we process it to use directly without burning. To know the answers to my questions, I had to look deep! And so, I started to study the beneficial effects of the Ganoderma.

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