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Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Nature and Herbs! There is no end to what we can learn from them and about them. But we can take only one step at a time. So today, I will teach you how to make honey globules at home. I will explain all related queries in a couple of future blogs. Starting with the basics, you can produce two types of globules at home. These are honey globules and water globules. In this blog, you will learn the making of honey globules. The kick-off procedure is the same as making any other herbal formula.

First, collect your herbs as single herbs or mixed herbs according to your herbal formula. Accordingly, crush your herbs as fine as possible. After crushing your herbs, grind them into powder. After completing this entire process, store your mince in the glass jar. I have made a dedicated blog on the right ways of storing herbs. Give that blog a read to learn more about preserving your herbs.

Sieve the ground powder of herbs to remove all the soot. For making honey globules, meshing the herbs 80 times is enough. The finer the herbal powder, the better will be the taste of honey globules. When looking at it from the perspective of taste, we can argue that sugar syrup can give a comparatively better taste than Honey. Absolutely right, but Honey is a good preservative and can store the globule for up to 10 years. Make your choice based on your preference.

After being done with the herbs, prepare your Honey. Honey is sticky at room temperature, so add water to it and boil it. If the Honey is very thick, add more water to boil. Boil the Honey until bubbles form on the surface and keep stirring your Honey while boiling. If you don't blend the mixture, the Honey will burn out.

Mix the boiled Honey with herbal powder, and when the Honey is hot, stir it till it cools down. When the mixture is cooled, roll it and work it into a dough. If making dough is a big task for you, use a dough mixer, and then use your hands while making globules. First, you have to hit the dough flat and cut it into long strips. Then roll the strips into equal pieces. Take those pieces in your hand gently and palm them into globules. If you are wondering what the right size should be, it is 10 to 25 mm. Homemade globules are comparatively bigger.

If you want to make perfect industry-size globules, use a globule plate to get perfectly round globules. The plate has two parts with half-round grooves along the sides. The bottom plate is fixed, and the top plate is guided by the rail at both sides. To ensure the size of your globules, you can always choose to weigh them. If your globules do not match the standard size, do not bother. But make sure all your globules have identical sizes. The standard size of a globule is 3 to 6 mm.

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