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Updated: Jan 28, 2021

In this blog, I will educate you on how to store your dried herbs. In the previous blog, I gave a brief explanation of how to dry the herbs. It should be interesting and maybe painstaking for you to know that the job doesn't end at drying. Very keen care should be taken while storing these herbs. It takes no more effort than keeping your pickle away from moisture. A little bit of caution and all the awareness fed to you in this blog is well enough to make you a good herb handler!

The most obvious thing to do after drying the herbs is to store them. You can keep them inside the jars. But care must be taken not to mix them or store multiple herbs in a single jar. To make this easy, remember it like this, one jar, one herb.

After securing herbs of the same kind in discreet jars, store the jar nicely. Find a corner in your house and store your herbs in the bottles, and put them systematically for easy retrieval in the future. Always use glass jars to prevent the reaction. It will also help you in determining which is which just by sight. If their looks don't feel decisive to you, label your jar properly. Write the name and also the date you had prepared the herbs. Wondering why the dates? Every product has an expire and using it beyond that date isn't wise. Sometimes writing down the locality of the source of the herbs might be a good thing to do. It makes no significant difference, but some herbs vary in their properties with their growth.

Storing herbs in a glass jar won't be a problem unless it's stored in the house. But you should bother to question if it is okay to use the same while traveling. If you think no, plastic bags might be the best alternatives. You can also put your herbs in plastic bags for transportation or for short time storage. You can also use mineral water bottles or topper ware. But we prefer glass jars as it makes the collection of the herbs look good.

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