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Incredible Journey of Learning About Ganoderma

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

In this blog, we shall discuss my research and study on the Ganoderma genus of mushrooms. In the previous blog, I narrated how I brought myself to this juncture. If you happen to have missed it, catch up now!

I learned that there is a forest in Malaysia that is full of various types of Ganoderma mushrooms. The locals told me that these wild mushrooms are a curse for the Oil Palm Plantation. But it was okay because our need was their solution. The problem was to identify the Ganoderma, which are useful in health concerning requirements. We did thorough research on each type of Ganoderma that we came across. And we identified the ones that are useful to us. After further study, we prepared some capsules. To check the efficiency of these capsules, we choose chicken to be our test subjects. After a fixed dosage period, we observed that the chicken could notice these capsules as essential nutrition. From this experimentation stage, we realized two things. The first that Ganoderma does have some performance-boosting ingredients, and the second one that not all Ganoderma are equally effective. From days of grueling research and study, we cognize six useful Ganoderma species.

These are The Heart Ganoderma, Kimshen Ganoderma, Peacock Ganoderma, Brain Ganoderma, Liver Ganoderma, and the Ruyi Ganoderma. In the stage of growth, we grow all six Ganoderma separately. But after extracting them for production, we process each type identically and then mix them to dilate its effect. There are two methods of extraction, cold extraction and hot extraction. Most of the Ganoderma available in the market are products of the hot extraction method. In the hot extraction method, we boil the Ganoderma multiple times till it gets concentrated. There is nothing wrong with hot extraction, but we prefer only cold extraction. We do so to maintain the active ingredients in Ganoderma. We do not apply heat until the final extraction. We use a cold drying technique. Not only is the hot extraction harmful to active ingredients, but it also reduces the end yield. On hot drying, we get only one kilogram of end yield for 4 kilograms of product.

We crush the Ganoderma, and then we put it in a high power centrifugal separation machine. Then we separate the fiber and needful part of the Ganoderma. Cold extraction is a natural extraction procedure. There is no need for heat or solvent, and no water or alcohol extraction takes place in this procedure.

To perform cold extraction with much higher efficiency, we developed a nano grinding technique. In this technique, we use a five-horizontal-roller-system and a negative power source to suck out the powder. The fine powder goes up, and the residual portion drops down. This residual portion is then ground again as part of the Total Grinding process. This system is called Nano Grinding. We are the only company that invests so heavily on the state of art machines to prepare the Ganoderma powder. Our extraction ratio is 1 to 20.

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