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Updated: Feb 1, 2021

This blog is exceptional because this blog marks the day after I was appointed as the goodwill ambassador of Spirulina by IIMSAM. IIMSAM stands for Intergovernmental Institution for the use of Microalgae Spirulina Against Malnutrition. IIMSAM is an autonomous entity that conducts scientific research on the humanitarian use of microalgae Spirulina as food. IIMSAM works to promote the use of Spirulina against severe malnutrition and related illnesses.

In short, this means that DXN will work with IIMSAM to eradicate malnutrition across the globe. Today about 40% of the world's children suffer from malnutrition, especially in India, Pakistan, and Africa. I deem it a sad story because when children suffer from malnutrition, other problems line up, which will affect them lifelong. For example, when a little girl is suffering from malnutrition, her growth as an adult will be affected if not tended to. This will cause problems for her body and the child, which she will be bear in the future. This means, if not encountered, malnutrition might affect the next generation too.

Another problem is night blindness. In Pakistan alone, 6 million children are suffering from night blindness. I must say that this is a staggering number. Many people think that night blindness is due to vitamin A or lack of vitamin C; it is more than that! The root cause of night blindness is malnutrition. So, to curb this catastrophe, we have started initiatives in some parts of the world. In India and Pakistan, we give Spirulina 3 grams to children, and I feel ecstatic to tell you that the results are auspicious.

I request all my readers to join hands with me, DXN, and IIMSAM to fight against malnutrition. How are we going to do that? Let me do the calculation for you. For each child, 3 grams of Spirulina per day means 90 grams of Spirulina in a month. And as I mentioned before, DXN manufactures this Spirulina, and then it transports it to the areas in need. So to deliver this Spirulina, it costs us about 10 dollars for production and delivery of one kilogram of Spirulina. So, if you notice, it takes us only one dollar to make Spirulina accessible to one child. And hence, we are going to start the one dollar for one child campaign. If you donate $1, we will make sure that it is being used to take care of one child.

If you feel like contributing more, we have just the plan for you. All you have to do is maintained the present value (PV) every month. For example, if you donate one-month maintenance, it will be equal to taking care of 10 children in a year. Towards that end, DXN, I will also lend you a helping hand. We will give you an equivalent voucher, using which you can contact back through future products. So, if you see, in a way, you can claim back all your donated money.

We are going to focus on two areas; the first one is giving you your benefits on DXN products through your contra vouchers; for the second, we are going to help the poor farmers also, especially the Cotton farmers and tea farmers, for these farmers are the ones with the highest suicide rate.

The campaign that we have started is wonderful and equally gigantic; to make it successful is a task impossible to achieve through a single entity's efforts, so we need your help. The power of your contribution will make this campaign a worldwide success!

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