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Updated: Feb 8, 2021

In Sunya, you shall not worship anything. You may ask why? Why is worshipping something harmful to us? The reason is that a person starts to have wrong expectations. He starts to believe that good luck will favor him and that something beneficial will be bestowed upon him. Supreme consciousness is nameless and formless. You cannot worship it. It is acceptable if the worshipper knows that the name and form represent God and not God himself. But the problem is that many people consider the words, shapes, and symbols to be the real God.

For example, if two people are pointing towards the same object, they focus on their direction rather than prioritizing the object itself. Arguments are set in motion between the two people, that one’s path is holy and that the other isn’t. Such arguments lead to fights and wars. Instead of throwing words, they start throwing bombs and shoot bullets at each other in the name of religion. Even in the same religion, there may be different practices.

When you read the holy texts of any religion, always make sure that you are looking for something Holy or for something that promotes love and compassion. This is the practice of detachment and non-distinction. Fighting and the state of hostility get resolved, and eternal peace can be attained. The only way of achieving world peace is by detaching ourselves from name and form.

The teachings of all religions are to be followed and practiced. If you only worship a name, you are not a believer. Only when you practice the teachings and burgeon love for the Lord and your fellow beings is true. Though Sunya itself is not a religion, the discussions and teachings of Sunya help you understand your religion even better. Many Sunyatee found that they had better focus and could pray much better after practicing Sunya. Their love for fellow human beings became intense, and the need to serve humanity grew stronger. In Sunya, we detach ourselves from name and form. Many students of Sunyatee were worried that if everything is null and void, what do they get in return?

Well, Sunya is empty. But emptiness does not mean null and void. Emptiness is the detachment from name and form. Worshipping name and form also blocks the power of the mind. When the attachment of name and form ties your mind, you will find it tough to feel the power in your mind. Name and form are like the chains and ropes that constrain your mind without letting it free.

In Sunya, you gain nothing. It only helps to tap the power that is present in your mind. Those who detach get a lot of benefits in life, including wealth and prosperity. Peace and Prosperity is the ultimate aim of Sunya. According to Buddha, those who make false claims and frighten people into doing false practices have serious punishment awaiting them in the after-life. When you do not commit serious crimes, you have nothing to worry about in the future. Sunya can liberate the power of your mind. It can also reconstruct and re-establish your approach to life. There are many benefits to the practice of Sunya.

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