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Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Human beings are generally curious and would relish an opportunity to explore the unknown and unrevealed. Our mind is Herculean in terms of power, and through Sunya, we train it.

Ever since I have been teaching Sunya, there have been several miracles amongst our followers. The mind is so formidable that it is quite common that we see supernatural activities while practicing Sunya. We have to address these situations most appropriately.

Many gurus and babas claim to attain supernatural powers like levitation once they start preaching and practicing a particular meditation style. During the inception of practicing Sunya, a friend of mine told me that he had comprehended a guru meditation style that would enable him to levitate in the air. He shelled out a lot of cash to learn different levels of this technique.

I was amazed by hearing this, and I wanted to see how he does it, so I went ahead and requested the same. He crossed his legs and sat down. From there, he started jumping in the air during the same posture. He told me that this was just the beginning stage and that later he would master how to levitate. I inquired if he had ever seen his guru float in the air. To that, he replied, “No, I haven’t. But he had shown us a photo of him levitating”. I informed him that he got scammed since anybody could create a tampered image with photoshop. However, he insisted that his guru was legit when it came to levitating.

He also stated that he might not float in a real scenario, but he once dreamt of levitating in the air. I heard this, and I could not control my laughter as I had not heard something as preposterous as this before. I criticized him for spending a large sum of money on something as useless as this. At least in Sunya, we have come across people who have experienced phenomena like astral traveling and so on. Nevertheless, he wanted to share astral traveling while practicing Sunya as well. He was a contractor who earned a small wage. The country's economy was not excellent at the time, and he was in a lot of debt. I asked him if astral traveling would resolve his financial situation, and he said no. That was precisely the point I was trying to make. Such experiences are useless and would not bring you any peace and prosperity. That assured him eventually. Ever since, he has been studying the sutra thoroughly and has been practicing Dharma and meditation appropriately. This helped him in solving his financial problems as well.

Through this article, let me take the opportunity to tell you all about a monk who used to reside in a forest. He claimed to have communicated with angels. From a person who has experienced this, it is evident that these experiences are useless as the monk says so himself. Before becoming a monk, the man was a part of the anti-narcotics squad in the police department. It is a brutal reality that in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines if a person is related to a drug cartel, they would be shot dead by the police. I am stating this as it is an essential detail of the story, and we do not endorse this sort of behavior.

So, this monk used to be a drug trafficker assassin. He would be informed about a particular trafficker, and his job was to kill him. This affected him mentally, and it used to keep him completely sleep-deprived. If he fell asleep, he was bound to have nightmares. He indulged in alcohol and sex as a means to numb the horror and pain, but it never worked. Finally, he went to a temple to wash off his sins. The monk residing in the temple advised him to go to the forest and become a monk. The man did just that and started living in the wild. He used to meditate, but he was frequently disturbed by multiple spirits.

In due course, he left Thailand and moved to the northern region of Malaysia. The forests are filled with caves, and he settled in one of them. While meditating, he once saw a huge tiger. The tiger’s roars were so loud that he begged the tiger rather than eat him than a roar and disturb his meditation. The tiger paused its roaring and retreated. It was never seen again. The next time, he saw a long snake. The serpent surrounded him and opened its mouth to swallow him. He apologized to the snake for his sins and told it that he was ready to be eaten. The snake closed its mouth and never returned. Lastly, he saw a beautiful unclad woman who was prepared to have sex with him. The monk said that this was his toughest test. He controlled his urge for intercourse by frequently reminding himself that he was a monk.

After this test, he was not disturbed by anything again. I usually do not believe in such miracles, but when I had met him, he described my house to me in such a perfect manner that I had no choice but to believe him. We always inform our Sunyatee to be aware of such babas and gurus. Such individuals are mostly analogous to evil spirits. We train people to deal with psychologically related cases and help them overcome them with the help of Sunya.

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