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Updated: Jan 28, 2021

No religion asks you to worship their statues and other physical forms of God. By worshiping blindly, you become a robot who does things repeatedly without understanding the true meaning behind doing it. You shall not worship any name and form. Not even the name and form of God himself.

All religions accept that there is a supreme consciousness that is omnipresent in time and space. Since it is omnipresent, you cannot define it by a fixed name and form. In all holy texts, it is mentioned specifically that we shall not worship the lord's name but carry out the practices according to his teachings and principles. If you do not follow the lord’s teachings, you are not a believer, no matter how loud you yell and worship his name.

There is nothing to teach when it comes to Sunya. Here we only show you the difference between teachings and phenomena. “The sun rises in the east and sets in the west” is not a teaching; it is a phenomenon. In Sunya, we only talk about the phenomena of the mind and about how it works. We also talk about ways to calm it down. It has nothing to do with any religion.

If you don’t train your mind, it becomes weak and confused. Just like how it is with the body. When you don’t train and exercise, your body becomes weak. This is true for all of us, no matter what religion you fall under. In Sunya, we say that if you do not train your mind, it becomes perturbed. The mind becomes weak, and the power of the mind is not liberated. Sunya talks about the phenomena that are associated with breathing. When your mind begins to calm down, your breathing slows down, and it becomes more subtle. Naturally, the breathing shifts from the chest to your abdomen without any effort being put into it.

It would be best if you counted your breathing when you are practicing Sunya. We only ask you to focus and count your breathing. This is uncomplicated, and everyone can do it. It is not a specific practice. Meditation is done to train your mind. Other forms like Qi Gong and acrobatic yoga do not train your mind. As long as you can breathe and count, you can practice Sunya. It does not ask you to follow any particular practices and rituals; it just asks you to manage what you already know. If you try various other breathing forms like those taught in yoga or Tai Chi, then arguments and quarrels are bound to happen.

When you practice Sunya, you can see and understand things very clearly, but this is not confused with enlightenment. This is how your mind should work when it calms down. It is intrinsic in your mind. You do not achieve it; you trigger it. Many gurus and babas manipulate you by telling you that you will feel enlightened and that you will have extra powers if you follow their way of worship. They might even convince you to donate your house, car, and personal belongings to attain enlightenment.

It would be best if you neither worshiped me as your guru nor worship Sunya. Just practice it, do not worship it. Since we have nothing to teach, practice, or achieve, we have no conflicts with any religion. This enables people to gather together and to sit down and work together for a better future. This also helps us to achieve world peace. If we have peace of mind and we work to achieve a good result, we attain prosperity.

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