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Updated: Feb 10, 2021

In the past, I have mentioned that we must not indulge in two types of practices - Nihilism and Absolutism. Nihilism focuses more on nothingness. It suggests us to fall into oblivion through meditation by letting go of all worldly pleasures. On the other hand, absolutism talks about winning is the only reason for us to move forward in life and nothing else. Following any of these principles will only put you in adversity and nothing else.

People who practice Nihilism question the purpose of worldly commodities. Their logic is that we cannot take these objects along with us in the afterlife. This is more of a cult, and this would only harm society and relationships. You cannot expect peace from such an environment. Absolutism rules out the option of failing. They don’t realize that most successful companies and businesses have been unable initially before experiencing success. They tend to ignore that the most important part of failure is that we learn from our mistakes and become better with time.

In Sunya, we do just that. We train individuals to confront failure. You can be successful only when you learn how to deal with loss. Our company is the best example I can relate to this topic. DXN faced many difficulties and failures during the early days. However, we learned how to adapt to these challenges by modifying our marketing strategies and tactics to handle the market. We weathered through tough times and learned how to be patient without giving up at the sight of adversity. Eventually, our sales picked up, and we started achieving success, step by step. Even during COVID-19, while many businesses have gone into huge losses, we recovered quickly enough since we were ready to handle a catastrophe.

In the past, few leaders questioned the precautions taken since they were confident of being successful despite what the situation was like. We built multiple factories to continue production in at least a few of them in an emergency. We have factories in China, India, Indonesia, and Mexico. For being prepared during emergencies, we started stocking up products as buffer stock. This came in handy during the lockdown since all of our factories were not functioning. Nevertheless, we did not let it affect us since we had six months’ worth of buffer stock left. So, the sales were continuing smoothly.

So, since nihilism and absolutism are not good practices, you may ask, “What is the right practice?” A good way is something that does not interfere with your everyday activities and religious beliefs. According to my, the practice that fits the criteria is reverse counting. Reverse counting helps in easing and calming your mind down. It immensely helps people who are suffering from depression and mental health issues.

Presently, we have more than tens of thousands of people who practice and follow Sunya. All you need to do is make time for yourself and practice it wholeheartedly. I would suggest practicing it after you wake up in the morning, but you can practice it according to your convenience if that is not possible. In Sunya, we do not experience any enlightenment. Our goal is to achieve peace and prosperity. If you have expectations from Sunya, you will develop a false dependency on it, and it would be similar to worshipping a name or fame.

The key to practicing this is by controlling your body first. After you master that, you can control your mind. Our mind, body, and environment are considered one entity, and if any harm is caused to one of them, the other two will be affected.

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