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Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Though I have already explained Sunya and its uses, I still get questions from members regarding its use and practice. The human brain works mysteriously. When we learn something new, we associate it with something we have learned or experienced previously.

For example, the Red Indian tribe was so oblivious to ships and weapons that an army of a few hundred people was enough to take down around ten thousand of them. This was due to their lack of knowledge of guns and various weaponry. Ignorance can cause suffering.

Happiness is usually correlated with materialistic achievements. But when people are introduced to the fact that even emptiness could be fulfilling, they tend to be astonished and amused by it. This is why people are unsure about the purpose of Sunya since it has a lot to do with nothingness. Hence, the question regarding its meaning is something that we will have to deal with for a long time.

It is a common misconception that you will be happy if you own a good car, a vast house and if you have a large amount of money in your bank account. However, that’s not how life and happiness work. Happiness also has a lot to do with how satisfied we are with life and its offers. We often notice that humans are greedy and that we always want more. This, in turn, takes a massive hit on our mental state and happiness.

That’s the reason why one of the few common aspects of all religions is that we must not depend on choices and expectations. They always suggest that we trim down our level of expectations in life. This does not mean that poverty is the solution to happiness because it has a list of its problems. Poverty has led to suicides among three hundred thousand farmers in the last ten years in India. It also leads to crime and malnutrition. Therefore, poverty is not the solution to this as well. So, if neither poverty nor wealth is the solution for happiness, then what is? According to my, the answer is Sunya. Only peace and prosperity bring joy to our lives and change them for the better.

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