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Updated: Jan 28, 2021

All religions, be it Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, or Buddhism, have banned the worship of statues. If you study the Upanishad or the Bhagavad Gita in-depth, it says that God has no form and cannot be portrayed by any statue to worship it. Buddha repeatedly stated that his supreme consciousness has no name, and it cannot be shaped into any particular form.

The human brain loves to clutch on to a name or form. The practice of Sunya is to train your mind. The mind doesn’t like meditation at times and can do what it can to disrupt your peace. Your mind has the ability to wander from a million-dollar business venture or about the opposite sex and get aroused. There are several manners by which your mind can disturb you. The mind is like a tool that is running wild out of control, and it is your duty to train and control it.

It isn't easy to train your mind; an easier approach modern-day gurus and babas follow is to worship some name and form. It is easy for your brain to cling on to something like a name or form. This is the reason why human beings started building statues and worshipping them. It gives peace to people to worship a particular god and to follow their rituals.

It isn't easy to know if the statues we look at today is really what they looked like back in the past. Since preachers like Buddha and Jesus always denied their followers from drawing their pictures, all the statues that we witness today stemmed from the creator’s imagination. So, it not possible to know if it's real or just purely based on imagination. Worshipping name and form has ultimately been the downfall to humanity. The difference between blind worship and true belief is that when you are worshipping, you cannot see or hear things, and your brain stops operation efficiently. To be clearer, you only see the things you want to see and hear the things you want to hear. This brings a lot of differences and conflicts among humanity. These differences are first sorted out by word, but when that fails, people resort to throwing stones and planting bombs in the name of religion. This is absolutely wrong and must be shunned by society.

Some religions also worship everyday items like food and clothing. In one of my last videos, a person had commented that I am trying to preach a religion to all of you. This is far from the truth. I have repeatedly stated that Sunya is not a religion. Some preachers say that you must follow a particular religion to have peace in life or that you will burn for an eternity in hell if you don't. They would develop Hollywood style stories involving exorcisms and other methods to grasp your attention.

In Sunya, we know how an evil spirit is removed. It involves deep meditation that lets you hear and talk to evil. After the babas and gurus frighten you into following their god, you tend to believe them. These babas also have a lot of money at their disposal, which they earn in the name of donations to God. They own private jets, houses, and millions of dollars. So many of them have also been accused of money laundering and sexual assault.

If you come across someone who asks for money in the name of religion, it is best to stay away from them. We are against those culprits who use the name of religion to fool people and cheat them. We should not condone them and allow them to decimate humanity into tiny pieces.

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