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Why DXN Ganoderma is the Best

I will tell you the secret behind producing the most efficient Ganoderma in the current market. To be a standout, you don't have to be one of a kind; be true to your goals, and the karma will take you to your success. Our company is not one of its kind; there are many contenders in this race, but our method makes us a standout!

We run the most natural ecological farm; we have an environment certificate of ISO 14001. We adapt the concept of vertical farming with no wooden frames to reduce space clash and contamination. We do not change the environment of our farm to suit the Ganoderma. We grow only those species that can yield naturally. We have specific farms for each species of Ganoderma. We do not disturb the balance between the supplicant and the patron.

We believe that the quality that is self-claimed is not reliable. And so we leave it to the market to evaluate us. Our 37 years of contribution to this market have given us three ISO Certificates, a TGA Certificate, HACCP Certificate, and multiple GMP certificates. We are certified as the best in class for management with ISO 9001; for the organic environment with ISO 14001; for laboratory with ISO 17025. We bear the Good Manufacturing Certificate (GMP) from India, Indonesia, and China. We are also the first company in Malaysia to get the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration Certificate.

We own a personalized QC (Quality Control) section with a dedicated team of QC. This team conducts regular checks on our products to ensure that we provide the best to the market. We are the first and the best in many fields. We control The Largest Ganoderma Company in the World; The Largest Ganoderma farm in the World; The Largest Ganoderma factory in the World; The Largest market of Ganoderma in the world. We are the first company to Introduce the Wild Malaysian Ganoderma; to Test the efficacy of the Tropical Ganoderma; to Introduce the Vertical Farming Technique of Ganoderma; to sell the Fruit Body and Mycelium Together. And also, we are the first company to have a Ganoderma Ecological Farm.

At the beginning of this blog, I said something about being a 'Standout.' I am an engineer, and I did my engineering at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology. As an engineer, I am capable of developing a whole new technology. And that's what we did at DXN. We built what we own today. No one taught us how to plant, grow or extract Ganoderma. We are self-made, and it turns out we are the best of our kind with the technology that's known only to us. My trustworthy team has guarded our techniques for the past three decades. We invented our techniques like Vertical Garden Technique, Mass Autoclave Sterilization Technique, Eco-Farming Technique, and Quick Spawning Technique. Even the processing techniques that we use are self-made. Freeze Drying Technique, Fiber Separation Technique, and Nano Grinding Technique were born at the DXN Workspace.

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